Uses of Solar panel

 Installations on rooftop

The solar panel is mounted on the rooftop either with a tracking or a fixed mounting system. The fixed system needs less maintenance, since it does not have any moving parts. Well as, the tracking mounting system, lets the solar panel follow the sun, enhancing the output of power considerably.


 Hot water heaters

Solar panels installed on the roof, convert solar energy through solar inverter. This solar panel can heat the water of your shower and the swimming pool.


 Solar Lights

Whether it is the street lamp or outdoor lighting or for lamps at your sidewalk, the solar lights use solar panels to charge and also store energy or power for the lamps or lights. You can also find solar powered lights with its own small solar panel.


 Solar charging

Solar charging station is becoming common, these solar charging stations are nothing but portable solar panels that can help connect to different types of devices, such as, tablet, laptop, smart phone or GPS tracker.

Solar panel has changed drastically over the years, and can be used in various aspects of our everyday life. The technology of solar panel is not just efficient, but has an improved storage and equipment capability. All of these contribute to a successful output of power and a decrease in energy cost.