Solar Guide

Each and every installer always offers their customers the best price. As a customer, you should ensure the installer is official. In case, you get the panel installed from a non accredited installer, you’ll not be eligible to apply for credits.

Before deciding the next step, you need to check a few things, to ensure the building is perfect for installation of solar panel, it’s vital to check the inclination and size of your rooftop, the orientation of your roof and also check for anything blocking the heat and light from the sun.


Do you know that solar panel can work even in cloudy weather? Though, it needs sunlight, but it has proved to work efficiently even in grey weather.


It is a very important feature of a solar panel because a panel consists of several solar cells. The efficiency is all about the quantity of light; even a single cell can convert into power or electricity. The efficiency of solar panel is how much an entire module can get converted into electricity. The power generated by the solar panel, is sufficient for your residence; you can also sell the excess or rest of the electricity back to the grid.


To make the most of your investment, Feed in Tariff is an initiative taken by the government to pay consumers for each and every unit of electricity that is generated.


Solar panel is a big investment, to measure the output of solar panel. These panels need to be tested under the Standard Test Condition; it is a lab test, where all conditions are most favourable.

 Long lasting

Once the solar panel is installed, you do not need to worry about the maintenance. But it is crucial to get the system checked at least once in a year by the supplier, to ensure all is fine. Besides all this, you also need to check that no objects are blocking the solar panel. The life of a solar panel is at least 35 years.


Always compare the prices of a few solar panel installers and know the difference. It’s crucial to inquire about the time taken to complete the work, the quality of work and warranty.

Use of excess electricity

In certain cases, the excess electricity that is produced by the solar panel can be sold or sent to the grid; in return, you may receive money for it.

Other Benefits

It is a great idea to install solar panel at your rooftop, because it can reduce the carbon footprint and your power bills, making the usage of electricity cheaper. You are also eligible for credits and may get paid for utilizing solar panel.