Reduction in Electricity Bills

The biggest advantage of a solar panel is to decrease the power consumption. For electricity at homes or offices, you can install a solar panel. Firstly, your electricity bill will come down; secondly, the homeowner is given bonus payment, if the electricity generated from the solar panels is much more and usage is less, the remaining surplus has to be sent back to the grid. Using power from solar energy that is stored in solar panels during peak hours, where generally, the rates of electricity are high, can help you save your money.


 Helpful in maintaining cost

A solar panel does not have any parts, except, the inverter that needs to be replaced anytime between 10 years, this clearly means that the wear and tear of solar panels is less. Solar panel, whether small or large, need an inverter to convert solar energy into power that is usable.

It is seen that the warranty that is offered by most solar panel companies can last for couple of years. In addition to this, the maintenance cost of these solar panels is not much; it just needs to be cleaned properly and regularly.

Today, the uses of solar panel go way beyond the traditional installation on the rooftops of homes. Solar panels are versatile and useful in saving money. These panels can generate electricity for appliances, offices and homes.