About Us

As a company, we don’t want to just focus on business, but also on our environment, humanity and planet. We are committed in providing our consumers with modern solar panels with the highest quality, at the best price and high level of customer service, exactly the way they want or would like.

We’re here to provide you with all the help you require, from what type of solar panel to choose or select, from the various financial options and repayment schemes that can be customized or tailored as per your cash flow or requirements.

All that is important to our customers, is also vital to us, we promise to provide solar panels that are totally stress free and long lasting.

Our business wants to provide renewable power for home and commercial applications. We believe in making our environment liveable for next generation. Our initiative is to set up solar panel on the rooftop of homes or offices to meet the demand for renewable power. We also have some pioneering ideas that can readily face all challenges and deliver on time.

Our company wants to be recognized for distribution, technology, quality, project development, pricing, after sales services and customer satisfaction.

Our company uses up to date or modern technology to develop the products, we have a wide range of solar panels to select from, and we are dedicated in making high quality, reliable and innovative products.

Our Mission

  • Our company is committed in enhancing solar solutions.
  • To boost the return on investment
  • To improve the capabilities of our solar panel
  • We must have the right Entrepreneurship skills that will go along with rigorous risk management.
  • To manage the whole solar panel journey from installation to after sales service meticulously.

Our Vision

  • To be recognized as the best Solar Panel Company worldwide.
  • Hassle free installation of solar panel.
  • To make sure the customer experiences a smooth journey from start to end that is from site visit to after sales service.